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latest BC Java FIPS news.

David Hook
Hi All,

The BC FIPS Java module has now been submitted to the CMVP for evaluation.

Roughly translated that means we have gotten to the end of lab testing
and evaluation, and we think everything is now in good enough shape for
NIST to have a look at it. The module has been submitted for the
security level FIPS 140-2 Level 1, and initially be certified for JDK
1.7 and JDK 1.8. The module runs back to JDK 1.5.

The latest security policy and user guide for the module are available at:

FIPS User Guide
FIPS Security Policy

CAVP algorithm certifications for the module (which now include SHA-3)
can be found off:

We hope to know roughly how long the final stage of the process will
take in a week or so.

It has been a very big week.