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Leonardo Nomdedeu
Hi all

I have a problem trying to access an https enabled site. While the cert
is a valid one, the CA root's in some pocket phones are expired so the
connection fails. I have no way to change CA roots whithin devices (the
only way is to flash them, and not everyone knows how to do that) so I
have one last chance ... to connect to my https site without using the
standard GCF (Generic Connection Framework). Here is where bouncy castle
comes. I have been told that there is an API from Bouncy Castle just for
making https connections from J2ME. Since I have been working with
bouncy castle lightway api for at least 6 month, I know some part of the
API it offers, but I have never noticed a way to open an HTTPS
connection. I'm considering to make an https full implementation on top
of a socket connection, but I find it really hard ...

Any idea?

(If there is no such API as I have been toold, please tell me, I need to
be absolutely sure that there is nothing to do except implementing a
full HTTPS over a socket ...)

Thank for your time



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