encrypt using certificate with ECDSA algorithm

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encrypt using certificate with ECDSA algorithm

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I am trying to encrypt mail to recipient which has certificate with ECDSA algorithm. For this using below code :
SMIMEEnvelopedGenerator encrypter = new SMIMEEnvelopedGenerator();
JceKeyAgreeRecipientInfoGenerator rig = new JceKeyAgreeRecipientInfoGenerator(CMSAlgorithm.ECDH_SHA1KDF, senderPrivKey, senderPubKey, CMSAlgorithm.AES128_WRAP);

MimeBodyPart encryptedPart = encrypter.generate(mimeMessage, new JceCMSContentEncryptorBuilder(CMSAlgorithm.RC2_CBC).setProvider(BC).build());

The code works if the sender certificate is also having ECDSA algorithm but fails if sender certificate has RSA algorithm. Get below exception:

 com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.MailSender$SafeSendFailedException: MESSAGE_NOT_DELIVERED; chained exception is:
        org.bouncycastle.mail.smime.SMIMEEnvelopedGenerator$WrappingIOException: org.bouncycastle.cms.CMSException: Cannot perform agreement step: can't identify EC private key.

I guess for RSA certificate need to use different agreement algorithm than CMSAlgorithm.ECDH_SHA1KDF. but not sure whats the value should be?