bouncycastle openpgp using safenet luna hsm

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bouncycastle openpgp using safenet luna hsm

I'm very new to openpgp and using hsm's. 
I am trying to use openpgp with the secret key stored inside a luna hsm. 
Reading the hsm provider docs, it is possible to use this hsm to store the private pgp keys. 
But all their examples use Symantec Encryption Desktop. 

So far I have looked at the bouncycastle examples on GitHub and I've been able to modify the existing KeyBasedFileProcessor example so that I can encrypt and sign a file using GPG Suite, and then decrypt and verify the file using bouncycastle by reading the public and private keys from files (exported from GPG Suite). 

I saw in the api docs that there is a jcajce package containing JcaPGPSecretKeyRingCollection. 
But I can't figure out out how to create an instance of that which will read from the hsm. 

Any insight would be much appreciated.