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XMSS/XMSS^MT Usage Survey

David Hook-3
Hi All,

As some of you are probably aware, the US body NIST are currently
seeking proposals on post-quantum cryptography algorithms.

NIST have just expressed an interest in stateful signature algorithms,
and have asked for feedback about the two algorithms currently been
standardized by the IETF. XMSS/XMSS^MT which has just recently been
published as RFC 8391, and LMS which is still going through the IETF

We have had an implementation of XMSS for a while now so have offered to
do a quick survey, both to give NIST an idea of what people would like
to see, and also for our own purposes as we are now looking at LMS. If
you are either using XMSS/XMSS^MT or planning to make use of
XMSS/XMSS^MT please answer the questions below.

Here are the questions:

1. Do you currently use the BC version of XMSS/XMSS^MT? Yes/No

2. If the answer to 1 is no: do you expect to use XMSS/XMSS^MT in an
application in the next 12 months? Yes/No

3. If the answer to 1 or 2 is yes : what kind of application is
XMSS/XMSS^MT used for? (a) financial sector (b) law/legal (c) government
(d) education/teaching (e) other

4. Would you like to see Bouncy Castle add an implementation of LMS as
well? Yes/No

Please respond to [hidden email] by 21st July.

Assuming we get responses, we will make aggregate survey results, based
on the questions above, available on both these lists the week after as
well as passing the aggregate results on to NIST.

Individual responses will be deleted once the aggregate results have
been put together.

Any questions about the above, please feel free to contact us.