The future of Bouncy Castle - FIPS or bust!

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The future of Bouncy Castle - FIPS or bust!

David Hook
Hi all,

On the eve of our 50th Java release I thought it would be appropriate to
fill everyone in on a few changes to the way we at Bouncy Castle work.

As a few of you are aware, the core developers and some friends of the
project set up a not-for-profit association a couple of months ago to
allow us to capture management of the libraries into a single legal
entity. I'm pleased to announce that the entity that was set up, Legion
of the Bouncy Castle Inc., has now been recognised and registered by the
Australian Government as a charity established for the public benefit,
and for the benefit of education.

 From our users perspective, the biggest change is that we have
established certainty that the libraries will always be freely
available. The biggest change from the project's point of view is that
we are now able to accept donations in order to help progress
development. As a few of you are also aware last year some of us started
a company, Crypto Workshop Pty Ltd, for the purpose of providing
consulting services and commercial support contracts. This has been
going okay, and I'm pleased to also say that the upcoming release sees
the benefit of an additional 20 hours of time spent on the release that
was actually paid for by our earliest support contracts. However, it has
become clear that our consulting arm is not something that will allow us
to undertake major exercises such as FIPS certification, without putting
at risk the principles we wish this project to continue to be built on,
such as maintaining it as freely available. This is why attaining
recognition as a charity and the ability to accept donations, with the
appropriate oversight implied, is really important to us, and to you,
our user community.

Which brings me to my next announcement. We're marking these changes by
having our first fundraiser, and our first target is to meet the costs
of getting the libraries appropriately certified. We believe we can
raise this money, but we do know we cannot do it without your help, so
if you, like us, value the independence of this project, and wish to see
it continue to provide you with quality open source cryptography, please
follow the link below to find out how to donate.

As it is our first fundraiser, we have also been able to get our
resident cartoonist to provide us with t-shirt artwork allowing us to
provide donors with a PDF template which will enable you to create an
official fundraiser t-shirt of your own. Wear it with pride!

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me. On behalf
of the Legion, I would be grateful if you pass this message on to anyone
you know would be interested.