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Reduce EdDSA signature size

Hello devs,

I'm working on a simple license scheme for a software package. Currently,
I'm using the base32
encoding of EdDSA signatures since I've read in a few places EdDSA has
relatively small hash
sizes since it needs smaller keys than other signing algorithms.

However, I'd still like to reduce the size of the keys, if possible.

I've been searching online and in 'Java Cryptography: tools and techniques'
for ways to reduce
the key size, but so far I haven't managed to do so.

So my questions are: is it possible to reduce the keysize? If it is, how do
I go about it?

I'm not too worried about using smaller key sizes, the licensing system
shouldn't be water-tight,
but just provide a hurdle for customers that don't pay.

Thanks for considering my question!

Kind regards,

P.S. Below you can find the code that I currently use to generate the hashes

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