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RE: [BC-FIPS] PBE Algorithm not working with BC-FIPS jar

Kamal, Murali

Hi All,


We have an issue with PBE Encryption not working while using BC-FIPS jar file.


The PKCS12Test (attached above) is able to Encrypt using the BouncyCastle Non-Fips provider (bc-prov-jdk15on-147) jar file;

Similar code (attached above with name PCKS12TestFips) is not able to compile with Fips Provider (bc-fips-1.0.0.jar).


The package locations of couple of class files have been changed in BC-Fips jar, which have been taken into consideration while writing the new code for BC-FIPS;


Can someone help us to identify the mistake we are doing to have this code compiled and run?


Thank you,

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