Question about DTLS implementations

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Question about DTLS implementations

Seung-bum Jin
       From: Seung-bum Jin <[hidden email]>
         To: [hidden email]
    Subject: Question about DTLS implementations

Hi All,

We are trying to use the BouncyCastle 1.63 java source to implement DTLS protcol on our JSSE provider.

While review the source code, we found code stuffs handling HandshakeType.new_session_ticket, but it's not mentioned in RFC-6347 4.3.2. (Handshake Protocol), 4.2.4. (Figure 2).

We have question about that is the implementation correct? 

And the DTLSServerProtocol does not sends hello_verify_request. In the point of design approach, it seemed to be right way to handle the request in clinet and server protocol class, not in DTLSVerifier class, regrdless of synchronous or aynchronous processing.

And the code in the may works when no hello_verify_request received. We have also question about is that right.


Seung-Bum Jin.


Driector, Research & Development Dept.


Replublic Of Korea.