Post-quantum (New Hope) key agreement example with SSL/TLS

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Post-quantum (New Hope) key agreement example with SSL/TLS

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Hi everyone!

We are trying to play around with "quantum secure connections" in our apps, specifically our Android app, much like Google did with Chrome:

We ended up at Bouncy Castle implementation of the New Hope key agreement algorithm ( but we are unable to find some documentation/example code of how to integrate the implementation with JSSE (SSLSocket[Factory]).

JSSE, JCA and JCE are HUGE topics and there's not that much documentation on how to customize the Cipher Suite in a SSL connection.

I have to say that at this point i'm not sure if this (use NH instead of DH in a SSL connection) is even possible.

If some of you can point me to some example code where the BCPQC (post-quantum) provider is used as provider of the key agreement/exchange in a SSL connection using the JSSE API i'll be greatly appreciated.

Thanks you so much,