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Inclusion of EdDSA

Vincent Breitmoser
Hi there,

I'd like to ask about the stance of BouncyCastle developers on EdDSA.

My context is [OpenKeychain], which is OpenPGP for Android based on
BouncyCastle. I have been working on eddsa support, and had some success
using str4d's [ed25519-java] implementation (which is also used by

I added the library to bouncycastle in a [branch], but tried to keep its
source tree untouched as much as possible, merely adding a
DigestSignatureSpi and provider class as glue to BouncyCastle, plus
support in the BCPG classes.

While this works, I'd much rather see eddsa support officially included
in bouncycastle. The license of str4d's library would allow inclusion,
but I have seen BC already has some code for Curve25519?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, and thanks in advance!

 - V