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Soren Hilmer
Just saw this on the BouncyCastle mailinglist, as we provide mailets using
BouncyCastle we should perhaps revise upgrading to JavaMail 1.3.3.


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Subject: [dev-crypto] warning about JavaMail 1.3.3
Date: Thursday 08 September 2005 00:25
From: David Hook <[hidden email]>
To: [hidden email]

We're not sure exactly what's happening still, but it appears that on
some platforms, under some circumstances, Base64 decoding, or something
underlying it, in JavaMail 1.3.3 breaks horribly and produces data with
lots of extra bytes of the value 0x00 and 0xff. The upshot of this is
that messages containing Base64 encoded data, such as S/MIME messages
will no longer work as the data stream containing the encoded message
has become corrupted.

If S/MIME starts causing exceptions we recommend moving back to 1.3.2.




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