Encryption/Decryption using DSS/DH Keys

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Encryption/Decryption using DSS/DH Keys

Kiran Raja

I am using Network Associates PGP freeware version 6.5.8. to generate keys pair and also encrypt /decrypt files with it .
I’m  using Bouncy Castle API  in my application and trying to encrypt and decrypt files using Key rings created by the above software.
I expect this to be compatiable with each other. 
I have two keys in my key ring . One is a RSA key and the other is a DH/DSS key. 
Everything works fine if I use RSA Key for encrypting and decrypting the files. 
But when I use DSS/DH Key to encrypt or decrypt a file , I get an "Exception."
I have gone through the source code. And believe that DIFFIE_HELLMAN Algorithm is reserved for future use. 
Is Bouncy Castle API not supporting DH/DSS keys for encryption/decryption?.
Please correct me if i am wrong.
Also Is there any work around so that i will be able to PGP encrypt/ decrypt a file using DH/DSS key.
Also I found that  Network Associates PGP freeware version 6.5.8 generates RSA and DH/DSS keys with either IDEA ,CAST,TripleDES as the encryption Algorithm.
And the encryption algorithm for this keys can be customised to be either of the three by the user.Well the algorithm that i specify in   Network Associates PGP  tool will work for DH/DSS key .
But not for RSA Key.The RSA  Keys,  generated by the PGP Tool will Only use IDEA as the encryption algorithm and not which the user specify.Can any one please explain me how is the RSA algorithm
implemented in Network Associates PGP freeware version 6.5.8 and why does it always encrypt with IDEA algorithm.Also it would be great if you could also throw some light into 
how Bouncy Castle  has implemented RSA algorithm, does it also encrypt a file only with IDEA algorithm.??
Also please let me know whether there is any commercial java package available which has implemented RSA ,as well as DH/DSS PGP Key Encryption and decryption APIs.
Your early responses is eagerly awaited .
Thanks in advance,

N. Kiran Raja

Software Developer,
iTech WorkShop

Bangalore - 560 071 

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