DLIES and ECIES under Bouncy Castle 1.54?

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DLIES and ECIES under Bouncy Castle 1.54?

Jeffrey Walton
Hi Everyone,

I'm having trouble finding examples of using DLIES and ECIES with
Bouncy Castle 1.54. I found files like ECIESTest, but its built around
the testing infrastructure. I also found the typical Stack Overflow

I need something a little more beginner-ish than the BC tests suites.
I'd also like to avoid piecing something together from Stack Overflow
(which appear to target down level versions of the library). Finally,
I would also like to an example of using different encryption

Would some have a basic tutorial on use of DLIES and ECIES they could
share that targets a Java beginner or a C++ programmer using Bouncy
Castle 1.54 and above?

Thanks in advance,