Create CAdES-BES signature with PKCS11 Token

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Create CAdES-BES signature with PKCS11 Token

Yaşar Arabacı

I am trying to create a CAdES signature using a pkcs11 token. I have
downloaded C# library of Bouncy Castle. After some internet search, I
have come across "CMSSignedDataGenerator" class, that I think I should
be using. However, CMSSignedDataGenerator.addSigner method expecting
me to provide a private key. Is there a way to connect
CMSSignedDataGenerator class with the rest of my program to handle
actual signing with my token?

I can use PKCS11 module to extract Signing Certificate and Sign a byte
array with corresponding private key, so there is no problem there.

Thanks in Advance,

Yaşar Arabacı