Can anybody help me signing and ecryptin a file?

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Can anybody help me signing and ecryptin a file?

German Correa
Hi, I need your help.

I am using the EncryptFileSig java program. I have some test files to test
the aplication and it suposed that the files and password are correct
becouse they are created by an Authority, but it doesnt work. I dont know
what happend or what thing I am doing wrong.

I have 2 files and one password.

1. key file *.key
2. Cert file *.cer

password : Empresa1

I give to the program the sorce file, destination file, cert file and the
key file.

When the program runs it displays "Your Key Store Password > ", I write the
following word "Empresa1" but the program stays in the loop. This password
doesnt like to the program.

The program ask too an "Secret Key Alias for Signing only use > I dont know
what is this alias an how i can get.

I supose that this program works with any input text file.

I attach in this mail the files which I am working.

I hope somebody can help me.



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AAA010101AAA.cer (1K) Download Attachment
AAA010101AAA_0408021311.key (1000 bytes) Download Attachment
AAA010101AAA_0408021316S.key (1000 bytes) Download Attachment
AAA010101AAAsd.cer (1K) Download Attachment