Bouncy Castle Crypto Provider Package version 1.63 now available

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Bouncy Castle Crypto Provider Package version 1.63 now available

Jon Eaves
Release 1.63 is now out.

This release introduces jars for Java 1.5 to 1.8 only for users with
tools that cannot handle the multi-release jar files. Support has been
added for ZUC-128, ZUC-256 ciphers and MACs, ChaCha20-Poly1305 as an
AEAD cipher, and PBKDF2withHMacSM3. Some JCE related issues have been
addressed for DSTU MACs and GOST3412-2015 CTR mode and some numerical
issues have been adddressed for secp128r1 and X448. Further improvements
have been made to the name constraint processing in the CertPath
implementation as well.

Further details on other additions and bug fixes can be found in the
release notes at:

Thanks also goes to other people and organisations who have
contributed/donated to the project and you can find the updated list at

We would also like to thank holders of Crypto Workshop support contracts
as we were again able to fund extra work on this release through time
available from those.

For the actual release and other details go to our latest releases page:

And for those who like living on the bleeding edge, the betas for future
releases can be downloaded from:

and changes to the code base can be tracked via:

On the FIPS front, the Java FIPS 1.0.2 project has now been certified
and the release can be found at:

Future plans can be found at:

We are looking to raise money for the NIST recovery fees for our next
certification. If you are interested helping support the Bouncy Castle
project through donation, you can find the details on how to donate via
PayPal or Bitcoin, at:

The Legion of the Bouncy Castle Inc is a registered Australian
charity based in the State of Victoria, Australia.

If you wish to sponsor specific work on Bouncy Castle, get early access
to the FIPS APIs under development, or get a commercial support contract
for the APIs please contact us at Crypto Workshop
( ) details about support can be found at:

Remember, you can also follow this project on Facebook ( ), and/or Twitter ( ).

Finally, for users of the maven repositories, 1.63 should be appearing
shortly on maven central. The GitHub repository has been updated as well.