Bouncy Castle Crypto Provider Package version 1.55 now available

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Bouncy Castle Crypto Provider Package version 1.55 now available

Jon Eaves
Hello everybody,

This release sees further work on the post-quantum provider with the
addition of the NewHope (March 2016 version) key exchange algorithm and
the SPHINCS signature algorithm. The McEliece implementation has also
been revised and now has KeyFactory implementation for it as well. The
DANE API has been updated to reflect the latest standard changes. SHA-3
support has been added for HMAC as well as for the DSA, ECDSA, DDSA, and
ECDDSA signature algorithms. SHA-3 support has also been added for RSA
signatures and OAEP encryption. Support has been added for the GOST
R34.11-2012 message digest as well. The TSP API now supports millisecond
resolution in time-stamps and TLS supports RFC 7685 and ECDH_anon key
exchange. The CMS password recipient generator now supports PRFs other
than SHA-1 as well.

In terms of bug fixes: issues with cloning of BLAKE digests, an
occasional error in the Poly1305 calculator, UserNotice issues with
empty sequences, and validation issues with time-stamp requests
containing extensions have all been fixed. CRMF now recognises when
non-default OAEP parameters are used and issues around the encoding of
parameters for ECIES/IES have also been addressed.
For more details go to our latest releases page:

And for those who like living on the bleeding edge, the betas for future
releases can be downloaded from:

and changes to the code base can be tracked via:

As always we are grateful to the people and organisations who have
contributed/donated to the project and you can find the updated list at We would also like to
thank holders of Crypto Workshop support contracts as once again we were
able to contribute additional time back to this release through left
over consulting time provided as part of the support agreements.

In other news the FIPS API has now passed NIST review and we are now
well into the co-ordination period. If you are interested in the
project, the draft User Guide for the APIs is now available at and the draft security
policy is at 
Please contact us at [hidden email] if you are interested in
joining the early access program for the FIPS APIs.

If you are interested helping support the Bouncy Castle project through
donation, you can find the details on how to donate via PayPal or
Bitcoin, at:

If you prefer to use direct bank transfer please feel free to discuss it
with us by contacting us at [hidden email] and we'll be happy
help. The Legion of the Bouncy Castle Inc is a registered Australian
charity based in the State of Victoria, Australia.

If you wish to sponsor specific work on Bouncy Castle or get a
commercial support contract for the APIs please contact us at Crypto
Workshop ( )

Remember, you can also follow this project on Facebook ( ), Google+ ( ) and/or Twitter ( ).

Finally, for users of the maven repositories, 1.55 should be appearing
shortly on maven central. The GitHub repository has been updated as well.