API break in 1.55 with brainpool curve names

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API break in 1.55 with brainpool curve names

Martin Kempe
Hi devs and users of BC,

currently I am looking for the reason of the API break from BC 1.54 to BC 1.55 with TeleTrusTNamedCurves. The names of all brainpool curves were changed from brainpoolP256r1 to brainpoolp256r1. I found the commit/checkin comment to be "General updates from FIPS project.". Has anyone more details on this? When I did my research on http://www.ecc-brainpool.org/ and http://www.oid-info.com/ I found the names of the curves always to be written with large P.

My application currently relies on the case-sensitive names. So for me this is kind of a problem, though I know it's not good to rely on the names and I will change that soon anyway.

Thanks and best regards

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