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1.30 pre-release

David Hook-4

Hi all,

the pre-release for 1.30 is now available at


The major fixes/additions are:

- a bug in the Whirlpool implementation which would cause it to throw an
exception if data was 64 byte aligned has been fixed.
- PGPSecretKey.copyWithNewPassword() now correctly tags subkeys and
handles the null algorithm correctly.
- removeSecretKey() and insertSecretKey() methods have been added to
- PGPCompressedDataGenerator now supports partial packet generation.

Finally, classes for dealing with very large CMS objects in a streaming
fashion have been added to the CMS package and a basic streaming ASN.1
library has also been added - it should now be possible to process CMS
objects of any size with the BC APIs. Much thanks to David Lee from
Crossroads for helping get this work off the ground.

Please send any feedback/questions about the betas to

[hidden email]

It'll make a nice change from all the spam we seem to be getting...